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tv   FOX News Reporting Enemies of the State  FOX News  April 13, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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there you go. that's it for now. this is mike huckabee from new york. good night and god bless. stay tuned for justice with judge jeanine. tonight, how could this be happening in america, citizens put in the cross hairs of their government by agents from the atf? >> they were looking for a way to scare us. >> and homeland security. >> homeland security raiding in our frackties makes no sense. >> environmental authorities threatening jail time. >> we're going to use everything in the book. >> and federal rangers staging a cattle round. >> fully ready to spoil for a fight. >> these people discovered what it's like when a powerful force you thought was on your side turns against you. >> i'm not the om one. i'm speaking for thousands, maybe tens of thousands, maybe more. >> fox news reporting, "enemies
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of the state." from new york here is jon scott. enemies of the state, the phrase con jers up the soviet union where an all powerful government crushes an individual who stand up against pit. but if the government goes after you it can be a nightmare. tonight we're going to show you several alarming stories in which government officials decide to take on private citizens. these people who didn't and still don't believe they were breaking any rules were suddenly in the fight of they lives. the full force of the government baring down on them. that's what makes it so scary. if it could happen to you, it could happen to anyone. we start in nevada where john roberts has the story of a family of ranchers who found their very way of life under attack. ♪
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the western range lands, vast, scenic and a battleground for what became known as the sage brush rebellion, a fight that began decades ago between locals and the federal government over land use. >> the sanl brush rebellion got its name in the type of vegetation. ranchers are complaining that the bureau of land management doesn't identify with ranching approximate. >> wayne hague, sr. didn't plan to become the face of that bebell on, but that's what happened. >> when did your parents buy the pine creek ranch? >> june of 1978. >> he was just two when his parents sold their california ranch and bought pine creek ranch in central nevada. in other words he can't remember a time when his family hasn't had to fight the government they bought it to raise a family on the ranch and continue their livestock business. >> the ranch itself is more than
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7,000 acres. it also included exclusive access to more than 7,000 acres of adjoining land, so called open range. wayne took a couple of days to show us around. >> the you really need that much property in. >> yes, in this country it takes 320 acre to raise one cow for one year. >> they couldn't afford to purchase the acres, so they paid for their smaller piece of property and at the same time bought the right to water and grazing on the larger spread. that's the way it's been done out here since the 1860s. this these rights have been passed down for more than 100 years and the reason that pine creek is economically valuable. the extra land is public property managed by the forest service and that's where they say their problems began. it's not like they weren't warned.
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>> my dad bought it knowing that there was a problem down there, but he had worked with the federal agencies in the previous ranch in california and got along with them. he thought, well, you know, i can work with these folks. >> why would the government do that? they said the feds were trying to strip them of their rights in order to take control of the land, partly for environmental reasons and the water, which in a desert state is like gold. in fact, many western ranchers feel the government would like to end their way of life completely. no sooner had the family settled in that the government offered to buy the ranch. he declined so the government filed a claim for water rights. wayne, sr. wasn't having it. if the government wanted a fight, a fight is what it would get. he contested that claim, starting a battle that would consume the rest of his life.
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in one, 105 day grazing season with ur your family was visited by government employees 70 days, received 40 certified letter ps that's more than one visit by the government in this is a fox news alert to update on the search for malaysia airlines flight 370. >> from the australian mayora time safety authority and from atsb, australian transport safety bureau. i'd like to update you on the latest developments regarding this search for missing flight mh 370.
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as are aware there have been no confirmed signal detections since last tuesday night, perth time. today, it's day 38 of the search. a guaranteed shelf life of the batteries on aircraft black boxes is 30 days. despite the lack of further detections, four signals previously acquired taken together constitute the most-promising lead we have in the search and the need to pursue this lead is possible. analysis allowed pro visional definition of a reduced and manageable search area on the ocean floor. the experts have therefore determined that the australian defense vessel ocean shield will cease searching with the pinger
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locator later today and deploy the underwater vehicle blue fin 21 as soon as possible. the blue fin 21 is equipped with side scan sonar, one deployed will be searching in the advice nitty of the detected signals. each mission conducted bit blue fin 21 will take a minimum of 24 hours to complete. it will take the underwater vehicle two hours to get down to the bottom of the ocean, it will then be on task for 16 hours, then take two hours to return to the surface and four hours to down load and analyze data collected. the first mission will see bhu fin 21 cover an area of
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approximately five kilo meters by eight kilo meters. an area of 40 square kilo meters. the underwater vehicle inside scan sonar mode transmits an active pulse producing a high resolution map of the sea floor. the deployment of the autonomous underwater vehicle has potential to take us towards visual identification. since it offers a possible opportunity to detect debris from the aircraft from the ocean floor. as i have said before, aircraft wreckage needs to be visually identified before we can say this is the final resting place of mh 370.
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i would caution you against raising hopes that the deployment of the underwater vehicle will result in the detention of the aircraft wreckage. it may not. however, this is the best lead we have and it must be pursued vigorously. again, i emphasize that this will be a slow and pains taking process. in another development, i can report ocean shield detected an oil slick yesterday evening in her current search area. a sample of two liters have been collected and a number of days before it can be landed ascore and tested. i stress the source of the oil is yet to be determined but the oil slick is approximately 5500
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meters down wind and down sea from the detections picked up by the pinger locator on ocean shield. a few words about today's search. up to 11 military aircraft, one civil aircraft, 15 ships will assist in today's search. hms echo is working in the area, supporting ocean shield, providing support and analysis. the plan visual search area is about 47,644 square kilo meters. the center of the search area lies approximately 2200 kilo combleerts northwest of perth. the air and surface search for floating material will be completed in the fechlt 2 to 3 days, in the area where the aircraft most likely entered the water. the chances of any floating
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material being recovered have greatly diminished and it will be appropriate to consult with australia's partners to decide the way ahead later this week. the weather forecast for today is southeastern winds with possible showers, sea swells up to 1.5 meters and visible of 3 to 5 kilo combleerts i'm now happy to take your questions. >> blue fin 21 will you be deploying any other underwater resources? or is that the only asset? >> that is the only asset available now. and i would stress again, the capability required is to be able to go down to 4500 meters. and this vehicle is limited once it gets deeper than that. so, we would have to get another
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vehicle if water were to be deeper, still at the moment looks like blue fin 21 is more than adequate for the task. >> how harj the search area is that have you to cover with the blue fin 21? >> well, yes. >> how large a search area that have you to cover with the blue fin 21. first -- how many square kilo combleerts does itneed? >> well, search area because we've got one vehicle, and we have from mission to mission, we'll we'll attack the search areas depending on what we find in the bottom of the ocean. so over time, each time the vehicle goes down, it littlewill
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have a defined search area. now that search area is broader search area, a little larger than that. but what he do is that we start from the best data, and we work out wards from there. and it's really up to the people on the spot to determine where the best area is to go next. it's different from you know when you go up to a large number of aircraft, a large number of ships you define a larnl area for search. in this case we've got four detections. we start where we think the best location is. perhaps the data from the start of the search and we go out wards from there. >> we heard yesterday it's 40 by 50 kilo meters. is that within blocks within that area? >> well, it just depends on what we find on the ocean floor.
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and you know it's important to give flexibility to the people who are doing the work. they're experts. and they will determine whether they need to go next. and obviously, that sort of search area you sort of indicated we don't find anything, we go further out and look a little bit further afield. at the moment, i think that the first mission will be quite an intense search. in the most-likely spot that has been determined from the analysis that has been done thus far. of course we get a lot more data from the mission. that provides further information to further define where we go next. >> yes. >> are you telling us that you believe the battery in the data
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recorder is now done. >> well, i would state that it's day 38. if you remember when we had a briefing seems like a long time ago, now. but we've had 30 days shelf life. and then, possibly out to 40 days. and factor is that we'll almost be totally expired. we haven't had a single detection in six days so i guess it's time to go underwater. our concept was if we get an area we can identify from an acoustic search we'd go underwater. that is why the ocean shield is caring the pinger, to get initial detections then to use
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the underwater vehicle to go down and investigate what might have happened. now, or where transmission might be coming from. now, you might recall one of those transmissions that was analyzed by australian joint agency for acoustics, a naval agency that worked with our submarines all the time, a lot of expert ise again and again. and on the latest advice from them, the rinl nal assessment of the signal that was received essentially had characteristics of a man made signal.
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that was very similar to what you might expect from a black box detector. so, i think this is something that must be investigated. it's the best lead we've got after 38 days of searching. i guess it's as it is. and i would not term it one short. i would determine it as a romissing lead that needs to be prosecuted until we can confirm or discount and then if we confirm, great, if we discount then we decide where we're going to go next. that is the way it's done. believe me. that is the business of search and recovery, search and rescue.
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>> this gentleman here is... >> what is the perimeter based on the field or other information? >> i go back to where we were a couple weeks ago. this area was in front of a large underwater search determined on the basis of the exchanges between satellite, and the handshakes you might remember we've had the seventh ping. this area is under where the seventh ping occurred.
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now, after that was done, that enabled the deployment of the pinger locator. and she went into that area and received transmission rz from the deep. that is the basis, the four transmissions taken together are the basis for the underwater search area. >> what more do we know about the terrain down there? is it flat? >> this is an area that is new to man. we have a great asset in the ocean of rapid vessel hms echo. that is a state of the art aircraft with equipment that can assist in mapping the ocean
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bottom there. on the imagery i've seen, it's not sharply mountainous. it's more flat, almost rolling. but we understand from other work that was done some years ago that that part of the indian ocean has a lot of soot on the bottom. if we have soot that can be quite layered and deep. that will complicate how things are on the bottom. again, with the vehicle going down we're going to gather more information about the search area we're dealing with. that is why we're not defining this area, that area, so on. we're actually gathering information about the search
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environment all the time. that is factored into analysis the sbt matter makes when you determine where to go next. again it's a lead. >> you find something and investigate it. we've tested and we've gotten the position located. it's close to the, where the transmissions are coming from. and that will take a little bit of time given that we can't do the analysis of the slick out of
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sea. we don't think it's p the ships so what is it and so on. it's another lead to pursue. something that must be investigated until we can confirm or discount in the same way as we've handled the vast a material that has been gathered during this wash wall search and have discounted it. all of it, thus far. >> is there anything questioned forward? >> well, the area we're searching we know that it is probably around 4500 meters. in fact from the imagery i've seen, most of the search area is on the right side of 4500 for
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the operation of the vehicle. it is at the limit of the capability as soon as getting to 4500 meters, it can't go deeper than that. >> and there are vehicle that's can go deeper than that. that usually much larger vehicles that do recovery as well. and those sorts of possibilities will be looked at, or have been, their being looked at as we speak. a lot will depend on the outcome of what we find when we go and thook. >> you talked about the ping
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stop searching. >> yes. first thing we've got blue fin 21 locator hosted on ocean shield. they cannot be operated simultaneously. so the commander on the spot had to decide which device he's going to use in the first instance. clearly because there was still a possibility of picking up transmissions, though we got past the 30-day point we got those transmissions probably seems like about ten days ago now. and we wanted to try to get more transmissions the fact we haven't had more transmissions could be a number of things but one of the
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more-probable reasons for that is the factory is on whatever was transmitting have expired. so that is the first thing. in terms of time frames once pulling in the pinger locator the tpl we're going to have to bring it up on deck. it will probably not be used again. by the time we complete the underwater vehicle work we're going to be into day 42, 43, whatever it s i suggest to you there will be no prospect of picking up an electronic signal. it would be extraordinary if we did. in terms of the time frame in
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the employment of the underwater vehicle, it has a 24-hour cycle. so we anticipation deploying it this evening. it will be then recovered and with collection of data will be ready to be deployed if everything goes according to plan exactly 24 hours after the first deployment and so on. so... it's 24 hour cycle. you don't get an indication of how things dworing. while deployed you have to wait before you can get the down load of the data that is picked up. i'm wondering do you have
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estimate on how much the possible-unintelligible ] >> the, i guess it's very expensive. all of the countries that are contributing to this are running up big costs. and i think the world community should be very appreciative to those countries for their contribution to what i have, would say is one of the largest search, search and rescue and search and recovery operations i've seen in my lifetime. just to put a bit of realism into it, the model we'll tend to use in terms of this operation is the air france accident
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the last position of the aircraft lost this, came from a cars data was 6.5 nautical miles from when the trekkage was found two years after the aircraft was lost. so i just say that. the environment down there is demanding the wreckage was found at 3,000 meters depth. we're talking about 4500 meters and i think that gives you an idea of how challenging this should be. that is why i say we've got to be realistic about this. it may be difficult to find something. you don't know how good any lead
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is until you get your eyes on the wreckage. a different environment, mountains of the united states going searching in winter we've got lots of leads. it's up to us to pursue. many leads took us down what i would call a blind alley we've got a good lead, the most-promising we've had. and have just got to wait to see if they find wreckage on the bottom of the ocean i would say don't be over optimistic. be realistic. let's hope that that signal is coming from the black box because that would be a really
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good outcome. we can't confirm that until lay owing eyes on the vehicle. i think i might call just one more question. [ unintelligible ] >> i think the prime minister said while in china, and one of the things that has been mentioned here is that prime minister was quite expansive in china. i would say i'm not surprised by that. he was in china where there ise circumstances around this search and recovery operation. he gave a fairly-good summary of
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where we're at with the search. but as he said, what is critical here is we've got to prosecute the most-promising lead we've got. these transmissions. and we've got to find wreckage visually before we can finally say we have solved this mystery. okay? one last question. >> you mentioned this one. this... >> we've been listening to air chief houston, chief coordinator of the search updating on latest developments of the search stating now a submersible will be now deployed signals he he said weet we heard have produced a smaller search area. it's now time to deploy blue fin 21. that is what they're calling the underwater vehicle. will take two hours to get to the bottom of the ocean two.
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hours to return, and four hours to down load images which are high resolution image of the area searching 4.500 meters. so that is about 2.8 miles underwater. and the terrain is very difficult. it's an area that is, he says quote new to man. it's flat and rolling. a lot of silt on the bottom. it can be layered and very teep which will complicate the search. it is a final step towards making a visual determination. said they have not heard a detection from the pinger since tuesday. is six days now. those batteries are only expected to last about 30 days he says they continue to search because they have to follow the best possible lead they have now. again, wrapping up what took
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place there about nine time right now in perth, australia. we'll continue to bring updates as soon as they become available. back now to fox news channel. we're seeing "enemies of the state" hosted by john scott. of intimidation. >> it's a house hearing. earlier in january i sat down with her in houston, texas to hear her story. >> i was marrying, raising kids, lived out in the country. my goal was just to be left alone to live the life that i think every american is entitled to. >> about 20 years ago she and her husband brian started up engelbrecht manufacturing. >> however, in 2009, unhappy about what was going on in washington, she got involved in politics, founding the king street patriots. >> sit a tea party group? >> we identify with tea party
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ideals. >> that same year she started through the vote an electoral watchdog group. >> we look to see if there are people registered more than once or dead people registered and voting. >> in the soumpl 2010 she applied for tax exempt status for both groups which could help her organizations grow by letting donors write off their contributions. in the 2010 elections republicans swept to historic gains taking the house and picking up six seats in the senate. meanwhile, engelbrecht was still waiting to hear about her group's status. >> had you heard anything about your application six or seven months later? >> no, we didn't. i didn't have a point of reference to know what was normal. >> a washington, d.c. tax attorney represents katherine engelbrecht.
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>> that processing would take three to four weeks, maybe two months. >> then in february of 2012, about a year and a half after engelbrecht first applied for tax exempt status, the irs requested more information. >> they wanted to see my twitter feed, they wanted to see every facebook posting i had ever posted. they wanted to know if i had political aspirations, they wanted my résume. this is the one that always gets me. they wanted to know everywhere i had ever spoken since the inception of the organization and to whom and what i said. >> when director of the irs exempt organization division, lois lerner was later asked about the house oversight committee, she claimed it was quote in the ordinary course of the application process. >> those are lies. and we can prove it's not true by looking at the data and looking at the process before 2010. >> in october of 2012, the irs
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sent engelbrecht yet another round of questions. the following month, barack obama swept to a second term. >> the net effect of the irs's par gtargeting of our organization was the limiting of houf how far we could reach and how many people we could engage. >> why do you think the irs behaved in the way it did in. >> because it could. >> on may 10th, 2013, in anticipation of an inspect general report critical of the irs, lois lerner admitted that her agency had indeed inappropriately targeted tea party groups for additional scrutiny. >> i'm glad to hear she spoke the truth. of course they have. what else is this? >> morning, everybody, please have a seat. >> three days later, president obama who insisted that he had first heard about the irs targeting by reading the papers spoke to the press.
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>> if in fact irs personnel engaged in the kind of practices that have been reported on and were intentionally targeting conservative groups, then's outrageous. >> and a day later are rick holder announced he ordered a department of justice probe. >> we're examining the fact to see if there were criminal violations. >> the defense generally from the irs has been we're not ma never lent, we're just incompetent. >> i sleep a lot better thinking that. >> in january 2014, the department of justice made it known that though its investigation has not been completed, there were no plans to file criminal charges over the irs scrutiny of conservative groups. president obama had this to say to fox's bill o'reilly during their super bowl sunday conversation. >> you're saying no construction in. >> no. >> none. >> there were some bone headed decisions. >> bone head decisions but no
9:38 pm
mass corruption? >> not even mass corruption. not even a smidgen of corruption. >> engelbrecht is not convinced. >> i was open season on political tar. the administration has taken the irs and used it as its own effect as a weapon. and that should send a chill through every american citizen whether or not you're conservative. >> but as engelbrecht found out, this was only the beginning. >> getting a letter from the irs can be pretty scary but not as scary as having government agents show up at your [ male announcer ] this is joe woods' first day of work. and his new boss told him two things -- cook what you love, and save your money. joe doesn't know it yet, but he'll work his way up from busser to waiter to cf before opening a restaurant specializing in fish and game from the great northwest. he'll start investing early, he'll find some good people to help guide him, and he'll set money aside from his first day of work to his last, which isn't rocket science.
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it's just common sense. myso i asked her how i isaved fifteen percent on car insurance in just fifteen minutes. (laughter) "idk?" what does that mean? "i don't know." and i'm the one who's out of touch. lol. fifteen minutes for a quote is out of touch. with esurance, seven and a half minutes could save you on car insurance. welcome to the modern world. esurance. backed by allstate. click or call. in the case of katherine engelbrecht, it seems that the irs was trag its feet in granting her tax exempt status. but she seemed to be keeping the government agencies plenty business. katherine engelbrecht applied for tax exempt status in mid
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2010. she endured more than three years of inaction from the irs. by late 2013, after becoming a poster child for alleged irs abuse, her groups were finally granted tax exempt status. but during that long wait the irs kept her occupied in other ways. >> aside from the tax exempt business -- >> right. >> -- you had more run-ins with the rivers. tell us about that. >> the irs showed up to audit our business. we'd never been audited before. here again you think maybe i just drew the short straw. we went through the audit. those audits of the businesss led to personal audits. >> in december of 2010 fbi agents made a surprise visit to the meeting place of her tea party group to ask engelbrecht a series of questions. >> it was a domestic terrorism unit and they wanted information
9:43 pm
op somebody that attended one of our meetings. >> do you think the fbi thought you were involved with terrorists? >> i don't know what they thought. >> did they ever offer you an explanation as to why they were asking all of these questions? >> no if and they either showed up or called you to check up half a dozen times in. >> right. >> that doesn't happen to most people. >> so they told me. >> then in february, 2012, the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms shouds up unannounced at their manufacturing business in texas. as it happens, the engelbrechts are licensed to manufacture firearms. they say they never have. >> we don't make them. >> have you ever had this kind of inspection before from the atf in. >> no. >> what were they looking for? >> they were looking for a way to scare us. >> in july of 2012, yet another federal agency, the occupational safety and health administration showed up unannounced at their business to conduct a surprise
9:44 pm
inspection. after spending two full days scouring the business, osha found several infractions, for example, a fark lift operator wasn't using a seat belt. osha imposed some hefty fines. >> i think our tally for that little tour was $22,000, something like that. >> $22,000? >> so four federal agents are now looking at the engelbrechts, the irs, the atf, the fbi and osha. >> isn't it possible that this is all just a coincidence? >> wouldn't that be great in but you start stacking it up at and at some point, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, probably a duck. >> we called up these agencies and asked for a response. the irs said they were legally prevented from discloeing any information. the fbi did not reply. the atf said they were within their right to make a warrantless inspection and osha
9:45 pm
said their was just a routine random inspection. did you ever ask any of these agents or agencies why the sudden interest in you and your lives? >> no. it was just following orders. >> where did the orders come from? >> there's the question. >> in addition to all of this attention from government agencies, engelbrecht was soon piquing the interest of high placed names in washington. some democrats complained that electoral watchdog groups were really engaged in voter suppression, particularly of minorities. >> what true to vote zeros in on student, african americans, people who would normally vote democrat. >> just days before the election, robert bower, a man who had been demanded investigations into republican groups for years, issued a memorandum claiming that true to vote was part of a republican disenfranchisement program engaged in possibly illegal
9:46 pm
intimidation tactics. >> what did you think when you saw that memo? >> i thought that puts anytime the west wing. >> here you have the former white house counsel to president obama, the former general counsel to his reelection campaign accusing you of some pretty horrendous things. how did that feel? >> i know who we are, i know what we do, i know what we're about. they're lies. >> you've been quoted as saying they picked the wrong chick. what do you mean by that? >> if this is an attempt to silence me, you've got another thing coming. i know exactly what i'm here to do and i mean to do it. i'm not the only one. i'm speaking for thousands, maybe tens of thousands, maybe more citizens who have had these types of experiences. we will not be silenced. >> katherine engelbrecht has been dealing with the government for four years now.
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but when we come back we'll rejoin wayne hage whose family has been battling the government through six separate administrations. how did his story end, or has it? test test. bundle them together at progrsive, and you save big on both. ♪ oh, oh-oh, oh, oh
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. >> when we last left the hage family saga, wayne hage, sr. who had been clashing with the government had died. so it turned out wayne jr.'s birthright wasn't just the ranch but the struggle to keep it. john roberts tells us the amazing story of the degree to which he went to save the ranch. in 2006 it was wayne hage, jr.'s turn to fight the battle that had taken up a quarter century of his father's life.
9:51 pm
in fact he soon had a new case to deal with because wayne, sr. in his final years had gradually built up a new herd of cattle but still didn't have a grazing permit. this time however when the government threatened to impound more of the hage's life stock, there was a new sheriff in time literally. >> i was informed by my deputies they were going to do a cattle seizure. >> he's been sheriff since 2003. >> they didn't have a court order and they were doing it on a signature of a bureaucrat. and i told them, i said, if you get your s.w.a.t. team we'll be face og are s.w.a.t. on the property of mr. hage to prevent you from doing any unlawful seizure. >> why did he want to put himself between the federal government and the hage family? >> b >> the feds gave up on the idea of seizing more cattle. but in 2007 they filed a civil trespass suit against wayne, jr.
9:52 pm
and his father's estate. with that case pending, along with the one his father filed against the government years before, the legal bills were piling up. wayne jr. couldn't afford to pay the lawyers and keep the ranch afloat. >> you decided to go to law school to support yourself. >> i figured it was cheaper for me to learn the law. i had to quit ranching, lock myself in the office and devote myself to full-time litigation. >> 13 trial week, 100-plus depositions, 50 cases of file boxes, 47,000 pages of documents and 1,307 trial exhibits. do you feel like your life has become a courtroom drama? >> certain times it does feel like it, yes. >> the court of federal claims established to hear monetary claims against the u.s.
9:53 pm
government ruled on the case first brought by wayne hage, sr. almost 17 years earlier. the family prevailed. the judge awarded the hage estate more than $4 million, plus another 10 million in interest and attorney's fees. the trespass case already a year into litigation would take another five more to sort out. on may 24th, 2013, the hages won another victory. the chief judge of the district court in nevada filed this 104-page ruling ordering the government to renew their permit. he also found that the government pressured hage business associates not to do business with them and that officials conspired to deprive the hages of their vested water rights. >> the judge said some of the things that were done by them shocked the conscious of the court. >> he said that several times, that it shocked the conscious of
9:54 pm
the court and it shocked his own. >> the court found instances where they were wandering on to land. the cost of the damage, $165.88. it was long awaited vindication. and a historic ruling for all western ranchers fighting for property rights. even though the hages won back their property rights, they still haven't had their permits renewed. >> do you have any reason to believe they'll back off? >> i don't think they'll back off. i asked the department of justice attorney, are you interested in settling the case? he said no, we always win at the ninth circuit, that's our court and we'll reverse this. >> in addition, they haven't seen a dime of the 14 million they were awarded in 2008. if the latest court ruling stands, they never will.
9:55 pm
we had hoped to talk to the u.s. forest service about all of this to get its side of the story, but they wouldn't talk to fox news. >> the bureau of land sent a statement saying, quote, they will not engage in conversations that could affect the outcome. they will respond to questions once litigation concludes. the u.s. department of justice also declined our interview requests. >> they're meeting today to hear testimony on threats, intimidation and bullying by land management agencies. >> in late october 2013, wayne hage and a group of fellow ranchers testified before congress. >> i'm going to get retribution for being here and talking to you about stories that will make the hair stand on the back of your neck.
9:56 pm
>> in our case they were supposed to be held accountable. >> perhaps the hearing will lead to congressional action on regulatory relief. but until then, wayne hage, jr. continues the decades long fight he inherited from his father. >> go back to when your father was considering buying the pine krek ranch. what would you say to him? >> i'd say buy it. >> really? >> never ask for an easy life, just ask for the strength to get through it. i'd do it again. >> so we've seen four examples in which private citizens had trouble with the federal government. if each of our examples the government had its side of the story but to the people we talked to it wasn't a fair fight. the truth is our government is so big and there are so many laws that there's barely a citizen who isn't breaking or stretching some regulation somewhere and that means most any public official with the inclination has the capacity to make you jump through hoops in the ways no one else can. part of the social contract that we vote for our leaders and have them enforce and make the rules. it's essential that the tremendous power never be used for etiological or personal purposes. ideally the government should
9:57 pm
fear the people, not the other way around. when the roles are reversed, suddenly more and more citizens start feeling like enemies of the state. that's our program for tonight. thanks for watching. your hepatitis c.forget it's slow moving, you tell yourself. i have time. after all there may be no symptoms for years. no wonder you try to push it to the back of your mind
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add vanig deductible from nationwide insurance and get $100 off for every year of safe driving. put members first. join the nation. ♪ nationwide is on your side it's that time again. they want your money. >> americans who can afford to should pay their fair share. >> denmark is becoming the first country in the world to impose a fat tax. >> the media applauds fat tax and things they don't like. but we could all pay less if politicia politicians didn't give special breaks to certain people. finally, you'd be surprised at of a


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